“Amazing. That is the immediate response to queries about our trip. What follows that comment is a short listing of what we will do better the next time (most of which was schedule-related, and out of anyone’s control): but that will be a return trip, and this trip – however tiring – provided a great base to build on. Yes, there was too much driving for some. Yes, the flights weren’t ideal. Yes, it was the off-season. But, you know what? It was amazing. We will go back – probably to Kenya, and crossing over to the Serengeti from there (read full review)
- Richard J. Lombard, Materials Curator, Virginia Commonwealth University, Doha, Qatar

“A well connected trusted trip advisor”
- Gianmarco Tasca, Director CITIGROUP, Italy & ASW Member

“My experience in Argentina changed dramatically (and for the better) after meeting Justo. He was by far the most connected person there, and extremely generous with his time and hospitality. The people that I met through the events that he hosted, and the assistance he was able to give to me (AND the people I later sent his way) leads me to recommend contacting him as an important part of the South American travel experience to anyone who is heading to that part of the world.”
- Colin Wright, USA, Owner, Exile Lifestyle & ASW Member

“You have been extremely helpful in planning our Kenyan safari and trip to Lamu thus far. You have an extremely quick turnaround time on emails and have also made it very easy to communicate by your use of gmail. You seem extremely knowledgeable about the destinations at hand and are eager to help in whatever way is necessary. To each question asked, he has provided a detailed and comprehensive answer, often going beyond what was asked, simply to provide more information that we might find useful. He is consistently prompt and extremely attentive. “
- Daniel & Carlyn Seibald, USA, travelling in Aug. 2011

“Hi Justo! From the moment I contacted you, you immediately responded to every question I had. You made sure I joined a safari suited to my wishes and even organized a last-minute ticket to the beach while I was out of Nairobi, fully trusting me! I thanked you then and I’d like to thank you again now. Hope you continue being such an excellent host!”
- Joke Reijven Reijven, Holland, MSF Staff